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Bruins, presented by the DBA-Bears program is our new youth mountain bike development program, aimed at youth aged 12-17, this program takes graduates (or first time Bears Program riders with advanced skills) and teaches more advanced skills, developing participants to allow them to ride almost any terrain imaginable. Youth taking this program can expect to learn advanced techniques allowing them to conquer even the gnarliest trails! Although it is not a race-specific program, their is support available through the program for those wishing to explore the mountain bike racing world through the Trailblazers Series as well as other races.


The Bears Program is Now Sold Out!




The DBA-Bears program is aimed at youth from ages 7-17. Riders will be split by skill levels, and placed into either the Cubs or the Bruins group. Cubs and Bruins will be further split up into smaller groups of similar skill levels to insure your child gets the best possible experience and has the best opportunity to develop their skills as a rider.

Don't forget, we ALWAYS honor friend requests - just make sure to fill out the 'Friend Request' area on the registration form and we will make sure your child gets to ride with their friends.



The DBA-Bears Bruins program is a weekly youth mountain bike program developed by professional cycling coaches. Through various drills, teaching techniques, and of course trail rides, we provide participants with the techniques and skills required to ride anywhere, and feel confident doing it!

Although the Bruins Program is not a racing program, there is support for those wishing to focus on the racing aspects of cycling. Our coaches have numerous years of racing experience behind them and will insure that those interested in racing will have the support required to pursue it.



The DBA-Bears  Bruins program takes place on Tuesday's from 6:30-8 pm. StartingMay 6th (with a skills evaluation to place participants within either the Cubs or Bruins groups), concluding on June 24th



The DBA-Bears Cubs program is located out of Devon, Alberta. Please see a preliminary schedule of locations for each session below. 

May 6: Evaluations and Intro Day. Shift Happens Bicycle Repair Shop, Devon, AB

May 13: *Riverview MTB Skills Park, Devon, AB*

May 20: *Riverview MTB Skills Park, Devon, AB*

May 27: Bear-Barrage Trailblazers ABA Youth MTB Event. Riverview MTB Skills Park, Devon, AB. For more information, please click here.

June 1: Optional Hinton Field Trip (in conjunction with Juventus-Sprockids) Details to come.

June 3: *Lion's Park Campground, Devon, AB*

June 10: Thorsby Trail Network Field Trip. Details to come.

June 17: *Riverview MTB Skills Park, Devon, AB*

June 24: *Riverview MTB Skills Park, Devon, AB

*As the Bruins program is aimed at more advanced riders, certain program dates (up to 3) may be located in Edmonton due to the wider scope of trails available. A detailed program schedule will be available during the first day's evaluations and introductions.



How do you register? Online at!

Don't forget, all registrants for 2014 get a FREE youth cycling jersey.

Registration closes on April 28th. We fully expect this program to sell out, so register today! 



Why register your child in the DBA-Bears program?


  • Structured teaching curriculum designed by professional cycling coaches
  • Low student/instructor ratio means participants get personalized feedback all the time, allowing them to progress their skills quickly
  • We stress life-long love of the sport, and encourage our programs participants to develop life-long habits of staying fit and active while enjoying the outdoors
  • Developing the skills and technique to give participants confidence to ride their mountain bike on even the gnarliest, technical trails.
  • Did we mention the free cycling jersey? Not a t-shirt. Not a tech-T, but a real-deal Cycling Jersey!
Misc. Info: 
Clothing and Gear:
 We will be riding in potentially colder temperatures for the first few sessions. As such, please be sure to pack warm gloves and decent cold/wet weather jacket

It is highly recommended that your DBA-Bears youth carries a small pack for these rides, in which they have a snack, water bottle (if there is not a bottle cage on the bike) and spare clothes.

What your child needs:


  • A multi-speed mountain bike with functional brakes
  • A certified bike helmet
  • Warm and cold weather cycling gloves
  • A backpack
  • Water and snack
  • A cold/wet-weather jacket
 A quick note on the bike: 


We do not require that all youth are on a high-end mountain bike. Almost any bike is a great way to experience some fun on the trails. However, we do require that any bike used within the program is in good condition, mechanically tuned and sound, as well as having mountain bike tires, gears and two functioning brakes. 

Please remember that a poorly-tuned bicycle impacts the ride for everyone in the group, as coaches must stop to deal with mechanical issues rather than teaching riding skills. If you have any questions regarding the condition or suitability of your bicycle, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


Weather Protocol: 

As it is Spring in Alberta, we can experience a wide range of weather conditions.


  • The program will run during rainy weather - the only time it may be cancelled due to rain will involve trail conditions, but we do our best to modify our program to continue in rainy weather
  • Cancellation due to snow and/or cold weather will only happen if the projected high for the day is below 0, or if there is a substantial enough amount of snow to impact our ride
  • If a day is cold and wet (below 5 degrees), the day may be modified and/or shortened to keep everyone warm and happy 
Parent Assistants:
We are always in need of volunteer helpers to aid our coaches in the groups. It's not a difficult job - please contact us if you are interested or have any questions!  

If you have any questions regarding the program, please don't hesitate to contact us  



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