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Club Rides

The DBA is fortunate enough to have very passionate members within it's ranks. Together we are able to provide regular club rides for our members on a weekly basis. You are require to be a member to participate in club rides and all of our club rides are organized on Strava.

2024 Club Rides start TBA and are always posted on our Strava Page that can be found here. You must be a DBA member to access the page.

Muddy Monday: These are no drop group rides focused on heading out and having fun. These are not hammer sessions, they are just fun rides with a solid group of people. Keep in mind that as a club we acknowledge the level of work and commitment it takes to build and maintain trails. Therefore, we exercise responsible trail stewardship and don't ride wet or muddy trails.

Thursday Road Ride: These are strictly social events on the road. Use Thursdays to get some extra kilometers, spin out sore legs from the Wednesday ride or just to hang out. These rides are no drop, you start as a group, you finish as a group. 

Thrashing Thursday: Mountain bike rides designed for the Enduro lover. Step 1, steady climb to earn you turn. Step 2, a wicked sweet descent. Step 3, repeat as many times as the night allows. Not for the timid and experience on your bike is strongly recommended.

Cyclocross Camp: These take place on Thursday evenings near the end of the summer and start of fall and replace the Thursday Road Ride. We have our local CX hero coach skills and race prep for the CX season.

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