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Saturday Dec 3 2022 is Global Fatbike Day. So come celebrate with us!

What's a Fatbike Poker Rally?


Well, it's basically just an awesome excuse to ride your fatbike and have a chance at winning sweet prizes! The best part is you don't have to know anything about poker. 


Ride solo or with a jolly bunch of friends. It's not a race. There's no prize for finishing the fastest. Ride your pace. Ride slow. Ride fast. Have a snack. Take pictures. Grow Snotsicles and enjoy some fun winter riding in our beloved Devon River Valley. 



There will be 7 marked check-points on a Map (Plus a bonus draw-prize checkpoint). You and your friends can ride the route in any manner that suits you best. The only objective is to make your way to every checkpoint by bike. You only Need 5 cards for a poker hand, but 7 cards will increase your chances of a good hand. 5 Checkpoints = 5 cards. 7 checkpoints = 7 cards. Get it?  

Here's what to do:

1) Ride to find the check-points. (Map and links will be sent to registrants the morning of the poker rally)


2) Take a selfie at every checkpoint - We need to see your face AND the checkpoint in the photo.


3) BE BACK AT SHIFT HAPPENS BICYCLE REPAIR BY 4PM to show proof of checkpoint selfies and then get dealt your cards. This is your poker hand!


4) Participants can enjoy some snacks and hot beverages and if you're lucky, win some prizes!

It's only $10!!! What are you waiting for? Come play bikes!

poker rally 2.jpeg

What time?

The Event/Course opens at 9:00 AM, but you can start whenever as long as you're back at the shop by 4pm at the latest. Don't finish too early, or you might have too much spare time between finishing and the 4pm wrap up!


4 PM: Selfie Check-in. Poker Hand. Winners, Prizes and Snacks at ShiFt Happens Bicycle Repair.


You can base your ride start right from the shop. Or start from Voyageur park if you like. Stop in at ShiFt Happens if you need some trail tips!

#104, 3-Superior Street, Devon Alberta


Can I finish early and have my friend show proof of selfies and represent my poker hand for me?

Answer: Yes! As long as everyone playing has registered, you can have a friend present your selfie-proofs and manage your poker hand. **Otherwise, Cards will not be dealt before 4pm. So if you're done early, go have a nap or snack and then we'll see you at 4pm!


Can I register the day of?

Answer: Yes, but it needs to be before 9am and Pre-registration highly encouraged so we can plan food and prizes accordingly, but Registration will be open until 0900am Dec 3rd


Is this a group/led ride?

Answer: No. *This is not a group ride. Ride at your own risk and within your own abilities. The route will feature a variety of trails. Expect winter conditions. Prepare for winter conditions. You will need to have map reading/route reading abilities or ride with friends that can follow a map or route cues.


What is the route like?

Answer: The route will be in Devon and 'mostly' in and around the area of Voyageur Park. Route distance will vary between 7-15km. Depending on the routing decisions you make to get to each check-point. It's not flat. With the exception of Voyageur Park and the Lions Campground, nothing about the Devon River Valley is flat. There are climbs! But that's just a great way to keep warm :)

I don't have a Fatbike, can I still come play bikes?

Answer: You bet! Ride your mountain bike.


Do I need Studded Tires?

Answer: No. As of now, the conditions will be ok for non-studded tires. BUT we do recommend having studded tires as there are some slick spots hiding under the snow. 

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